Narcissism Terms: Extintction Event

An extinction event is the narcissist's one last hoorah, the final blow they inflict on their victim when their victim humiliates them (usually from us walking away from them, but it can be for any reason). 

In high school, I had a narc boyfriend who was physically abusive.  And when I dumped him for good, he freaked out and punched me in the stomach in the middle of the lunchroom.  And then he continued to stalk me for three days until I threatened to call the call the cops on him. 

So the idea behind an extinction event with a narc is:

Go big, or go home.  

So be prepared in your life for this to happen.  But I will say, if you do it quietly...just sneak off into the night, they won't have much of a chance to go as big as they could go had they prompted you into a HUGE fight.  The smaller you make your exit, the small the extinction event. 

My ex punched me in the stomach because I dumped him in the middle of art class, where everyone could see.  Then, when at lunch, I didn't give into his crying and then his threats, he punched me where everyone could see.  Eye for eye?  That's how they see it.

Have you suffered an extinction event from an action you took against a narc?  Or maybe from going no contact?  Share me with me below. 

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